Depai is joining the Barca squad during the crisis.

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Depai is joining the Barca squad during the crisis. Memphis Depai. Dutch national team striker confirmed never regretting moving to the Barcelona team during the time. The club is experiencing a major crisis.

Depai ended his contract with Olympique Lyonnais last summer. And choose to sign a free contract with Barcelona as he wishes It was just a time. When the club was in serious trouble with finances and club management resulting in performance in the field.

When asked if he regretted moving to Barcelona. ​​Depai replied: “How can you ask me that? This is Barcelona. ​​You know how great this club. And how much does moving to a team like this mean for the players? I’ve never regretted it.”

Half-wing forward of the Netherlands national team. I believe that trainer Ronald Koeman will bring the team back through the crisis. After poor performance at the beginning of the season Especially in the UEFA Champions League. And the Dutch coach is in the news daily to be fired.

“We know the situation at Barcelona. ​​Everyone is panicking because people are not used to it. They are used to winning and playing great football. But I’m not worried and sure things will change.”