Nagelsmann suffers as the team loses.

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Nagelsmann suffers as the team loses. Bayern Munich head coach Julian Nagelsmann has revealed. That he was in a lot of pain after losing in the last match.

The Tigers lost 2-1 at home to Frankfurt in the Bundesliga on Sunday. Make the old champion defeat in the first league match. But continues to lead the pack with a score equal to Bayer Leverkusen at 16 points.

The 34-year-old said he felt the pain of losing the team in the past game. Because he sees it as something that can avoid this kind of defeat.

“Defeats are always painful.” Nagelsmann said.

“Today was no exception in another angle. Because it was the first defeat and for another reason. It was totally avoidable.

“We didn’t do some things right. Same as during the past week. But our competitors didn’t take advantage of that. Today we are punished. Although we had enough chances to score goals.”