Ramsdale urges the team.

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Ramsdale urges the team. Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has urged the team to perform better than they are now. After having only drawn Brighton 0-0. The England goalkeeper had to exert several hard saves.


Ramsdale said: “Personally and overall the team’s form has to be better especially with what we expected. It’s another point and a good month. So we will look forward.”

“It was a difficult game. they make it hard and we have to give them credit too. We must show stillness and the intensity of playing more and make it harder for them We have to do it on the training ground. We have to fine tune some things. It’s a hard game. but still got points It was the 3rd clean sheet out of 4 games. It wasn’t a disaster. And what’s there to be sad about?”

“We started quite difficult and no one hides it from that point. We turned corners into four good results. You can see the structure of that team on the pitch.”https://brian3weekdiet.com/