London derby results: Arsenal visits Chelsea

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London derby results: Arsenal visits Chelsea.

Arsenal just won over Manchester City in their latest game. While Chelsea is returning to good form. But this time, Chris Sutton thinks Mikel Arteta’s team looks slightly better.

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“The question is whether Arsenal will be able to continue winning after beating Manchester City last time.”

“The Gunners They didn’t defeat the defending champions by entering the final third of a formidable opponent or having a dangerous offensive game. But it is the results that count. And they won 1-0.”

“I don’t know how Mikel Arteta will play, but his team will play solidly again. And will definitely be able to collect points.”

Sutton predicts Arsenal to win 1-0 over Chelsea.

Pre-game analysis: Chelsea vs. Arsenal, London derby match Cannon in strong form Important test for the Blues

London derby match this Sunday. The home team of the Blues, Chelsea, after their form began to fall into place. This week must face a tough battle at home, welcoming the visit of Arsenal , the strongest gunners. It is one of only two teams that are still unbeaten. This game is therefore an important test for the home team. How long can you maintain your own standards?

Chelsea are currently 11th in the table after a poor start to the season. Playing form began to come back into place. In the latest game, they defeated Burnley 1-4, which was the first 2 league victories in a row this season. Mauricio Pochettino relieved a lot of the pressure. Meanwhile, the players played with more confidence. Especially in midfield, Moises Caicedo has adjusted and is very useful to the team. Coordination helps Enzo Fernandez play much easier. The offensive line uses their unique abilities to their advantage. Raheem Sterling and Mikailo Mudrik are in better form, making the attacking game more dangerous than ever.