Let Ronaldo be a backup.

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Let Ronaldo be a backup.Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer insists he made the right decision by choosing Cristiano Ronaldo as a substitute. Despite being able to only draw Everton 1-1 in their own home.

Mr. Big Red Devils said “We didn’t win, We weren’t good enough to win. We should do better And it was a disappointing conceding goal. It happens too often when we’re playing offensively. And we still manage well. We are just not handling the situation well enough.”


“Anthony scores well, Unfortunately he was hit and injured, I am very pleased with him and his performance.”

“We cannot say we deserve more points. Because when you can’t score you don’t deserve today it was like a game against Villarreal. We gave them too many chances. And we have to deal with this.

“We didn’t leave many opportunities today. But we lost the door. We have moments that we have to do deal with them but we didn’t you can work all day on the plan and the defensive game. But you have to deal with it there and after that”

In addition, Solskjaer also mentioned that the Ronaldo drop was just a backup. “Me and him we understand each other very much. You decide from a long season. And you have to manage the number of players playing. For me, Today’s decision was correct. He is professional and ready to play and he came down today with enthusiasm and attitude.”https://brian3weekdiet.com/