Gundogan is still talking about a new contract, Barca is not okay.

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Captain Manchester City like Ilkay Gundogan has the opportunity to inform the progress of his future. That he opens the negotiating table to renew a new football contract in the Etihad Stadium area, proceeding gradually. Dare to say that you haven’t agreed to move for free anywhere. Because I want to focus on creating works first.

Gundogan is entering the final 10 weeks of his contract as a City player and has been linked. With a potential delay for a free move to Barcelona after June 30. 

However, the Deutsche footballer quickly refused. Tell me this time to talk to just ‘The Blue Sailboat’. But does not want such issues to draw attention to the team during the needle thread. 

“Behind the scenes he was negotiating,” said the 31-year-old midfielder. 

“It’s normal for the last few months of the contract. But I don’t want to go into too much detail. Let’s say there is no decision at this time, either from my side or from the club side. UFABET

“So the discussions went on. And if at some point a decision has to be made, you (reporters) will be the first to know.” 

Gundogan is a key cog for Guardiola as he was the first signing in the summer of 2016 , having already won all domestic trophies and lacked the Champions League aspirations. The first time in club history.