What kind of “sore throat” is enough to take antibiotics?

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What kind of “sore throat” is enough to take antibiotics?

When does anyone have a sore throat? eat disinfectant then careful because it may risk drug resistance without knowing it What kind of sore throat does the doctor recommend? How can I recover by myself without taking medicine? to reduce the risk of unnecessary drug resistance. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com

What kind of sore throat should I take antibiotics?

If there are more than 3 of these symptoms, consider antibiotics.

  1. Fever and fever over 38 degrees Celsius
  2. no cough
  3. There is a white blemish on the throat. or tonsils
  4. The lymph nodes in the neck become swollen and painful when pressed.

If three or more of these symptoms are present, you may suspect a bacterial sore throat. Should inform the doctor or pharmacist know. If there are only 1-2 symptoms, there is no need to take antibiotics.

The use of antibiotics in every disease, every condition should use only. When there is evidence of bacterial infection. due to overuse of antibiotics Will accumulate drug-resistant bacteria in the body

information on whether or not he knew More than 80% of sore throats are viral infections. That do not require antibiotics. It can heal on its own when the flu symptoms disappear. only for sore throats caused by bacterial infections. Where antibiotics are helpful in treating. 

If you don’t have a sore throat caused by bacteria and take antibiotics often, you may risk developing drug resistance. Next time, if there is really a bacterial infection. The usual disinfectant that is taken and then cured will not be cured anymore. It requires stronger, more expensive drugs. The treatment is many times more difficult than before.