Cope and solve eye problems from eye fatigue.

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Cope and solve eye problems from eye fatigue.

It cannot be denied that the eyes are one of the most important organs. That are used the most Because since I woke up Your eyes begin to work. One day, you have to use your eyes to see, see, and learn many things, including studying, working, reading, watching dramas, or watching your favorite series. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Your eyes begin to work harder and harder, which causes side effects that you should not overlook because the eyes are a very important human organ. in communicating with people and environment make us enjoy with various entertainment including education and knowledge, especially in this era access to technology Various communications It’s much easier through computers, televisions, or even telephones that are almost a part of our body. of mankind has gone

People who regularly use computers, televisions, or telephones will have problems with eye fatigue, eye irritation, or dry eyes from eye fatigue (Asthenopia).

Therefore, we should have methods to cope and solve the eye fatigue (Asthenopia) problem as follows.

1. You should rest your eyes by doing anything. That does not require looking closely (1-2 feet) for approximately 5-10 minutes per 1 hour of activity with a computer, television or telephone to reduce the continuous time of focusing the eyes It will help relieve eye pain and fatigue.

2. There should not be too much light behind the computer screen, television or telephone. because it will disturb your vision Makes the eyes focus more, for example, it should not line up with the window. that has light coming in

3. If you have symptoms of dry eyes, such as eye irritation, blink more often to sweep away tears to coat the surface of your eyes, or take a break from using the computer, television, or telephone periodically if symptoms are still severe. Using artificial tears for eye drops Will help relieve symptoms of dry eyes.

4. There may be a problem with A matter of sight that is the cause This causes eye fatigue easily, such as people with astigmatism or people over 40 years of age who have problems when looking closely. Wearing glasses will help solve the problem.

In addition to how to cope and solve problems. Food that nourishes the eyes It’s also important, for example.

1. Berry family fruits (Berry) such as Blackberry (Blackberry), Blueberry (Blueberry), Raspberry (Raspberry), Strawberry (Strawberry), Cranberry ( Cranberry), Gooseberry (Gooseberry), etc. Because berry fruits (Berry) are the best fruits for nourishing eyesight because they are rich in Vitamin C (Vitamin C), Vitamin A (Vitamin A) and anti-oxidants ( Antioxidant) helps with vision. Protects eye cells from being damaged Helps reduce the risk of birth Macular degeneration and cataracts

2. Green leafy vegetables (Green vegetable) such as morning glory, bok choy, kale, gourd and many other types of vegetables. Green leafy vegetables (Green vegetable) are rich in lutein (Lutein) and zeaxanthin. (Zeaxanthin), which is a highly effective anti-oxidant (Antioxidant) It also has vitamin A (Vitamin A), which is one of the Excellent eye care vitamins Helps prevent cells in the eyes from deteriorating and prevent various types of cataracts